St. Joseph’s Park

About St. Joseph’s Park

Dominated by the dramatic clock tower of the former St. Joseph’s Church, this neighborhood represents an opportunity in the making. The east end of the neighborhood is anchored by Harro East, an office building with a state-of-the-art fitness facility and ballroom theater with capacity of 200-400 that is used for a variety of events, including concerts and weddings.


Historic locations in the neighborhood include the beautifully carved stone Art Deco fire station and barns at the corner of Andrews and Chestnut Streets. Don’t miss the mournful firemen carved at the eastern entrance to the station. The nearby Harro East building houses a health club and theater which were once part of the original Jewish Community Center. The neighborhood received its namesake from the old St. Joseph’s Church. When the church was gutted by fire in the ’70s, its walls and tower were preserved and its grounds turned into a grassy park, making for a very unique landmark.


The St. Joseph’s Park area has great potential for development: a location that links St. Paul Quarter to the Grove Place neighborhood, proximity to existing market-rate and upscale housing, and an attractive central park.  These all represent powerful incentives for developers to consider residential and mixed-use development. RIT’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship also anchors the edge of the neighborhood connecting to Main Street.


  • St. Joseph’s Park is open to the public daily and also offers open houses and tours throughout the year
  • The park can also be rented out for events and weddings!
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