Main Street Streetscape & Wayfinding, Phase II

East Main Street between South/St. Paul and State/Exchange

The Main Street Streetscape & Wayfinding project will reconstruct the sidewalks along East Main Street from St. Paul Street to State/Exchange.

The Phase II project will extend the improvements designed and implemented as part of the Phase I project westward to the State / Exchange intersection. Improvements will include:

  • Broom finish concrete sidewalks with permeable accent pavement;
  • Benches, bicycle parking, and trash receptacles;
  • Charging stations for phones and computers;
  • New street trees planted in enlarged and curbed tree pits with under-plantings of shrubs and perennials for seasonal interest;
  • Electrical outlets for street tree lighting and special events;
  • Play elements integrated into the pedestrian zone;
  • Salvaged and reinstalled historic markers;
  • LED street lighting with banner arms and decoration brackets;
  • Recessed parking with handicapped accessible spaces, where feasible;
  • Travel lane reconfiguration to accommodate on-street bicycle facilities;
  • Enhanced riverfront and trail connectivity;
  • Main Street bridge aesthetic and functional enhancements;
  • New bus shelters;
  • Utility upgrades and adjustments;
  • Mill and overlay of existing pavement;
  • Traffic signs, signals and striping as needed.

Project Schedule

Design 2018-2019
Construction 2020


  • Project Type: Public/Infrastructure
  • Project Status: Planning Phase
  • Investment: $4.5 Million